Legal Translation Systems has served over 35,000 clients, since 1982, in almost every State in the USA, and other countries in several continents as well. We specialize on certified, notarized translations of private and corporate documents into English for immigration, schools, universities, courts, insurance companies, licensing boards, banks, and wherever else such documents might be required. We provide fast, accurate service at reasonable rates. Among our clients are Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, international companies.

Our headquarters are located in a convenient location in Miami Beach, with plentiful, inexpensive parking nearby. We also had drop off-pick up locations in Long Island City (New York City) and Pompano Beach (Florida).At the present time we provide translations of documents from Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Romanian into English, but will be adding other languages shortly.

Our numbered affidavits of accuracy come with a seal.

Among the types of documents we translate are:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Baptism certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Bank statements
  • Course outlines
  • Letters of reference
  • Vaccination cards
  • Affidavits of support
  • Personal documents
  • Report cards
  • Bank statements (totals converted to USD)
  • Banking references
  • Letters from accountants
  • Bylaws
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business licenses
  • Contracts
  • Real estate registration
  • Income tax returns
  • Pension documents
  • Payment slips
  • Foreign exchange documents
  • Money remittance documents
  • Military records
  • Professional reference
  • Newspaper, magazine, internet articles (as evidence for Immigration cases - special talent, refugee petitions)
  • Petitions
  • Scientific articles and abstracts
  • Police reports
  • Medical bills
  • Property appraisal
  • Medical reports
  • Medical exams
  • Driver's licenses
  • Hospital records
  • DNA Exams
  • Personal identification documents
  • Legal proceedings
  • Property title (homes, boats, cars)
  • Rogatory letters
  • Financial statements
  • Invoices
  • Credit reports
  • Business correspondence and emails
  • Private correspondence and emails
  • Power of attorney
  • Children's custody document
  • Wills

Services can be paid by credit card, debit card, paypal or cash.

For local service, set up an appointment.

220 71st Street, room 217

Miami Beach, FL 33141

One block from Collins Avenue

Phone (305) 397- 8081. Call for appointment For Out of State callers, toll-free (877) 626-0642


Fax (212) 786-7241 (virtual fax)

Our office hours are from Monday through Friday, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Translating documents from Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Haiti, Angola, Mozambique, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Monaco, San Marino, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Suriname, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, Dominican Republic, Togo, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Morocco, Mauritania, Cameroon, French Guiana, Martinique , Guateloupe, St. Barth, St. Pierre et Miquelon, French Polynesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville) Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea Bissau, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Senegal, Seychelles